Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September Excitement

I love September. The weather starts to cool down a little (though Ohio isn't getting that memo yet since the highs all week are in the 90s). The leaves start to change. College football starts. NFL starts. Chili weather. Campfire weather. Happiness.

Here are a few things I'm super excited about for this September!

1. Seeing a bunch of our college friends this weekend for a wedding! One of Doug's college roommates is getting married. He was in our wedding too. And a bunch of our OU friends will be in Cleveland...which always means a good time (even with the lack of alcohol consumption on my part).
These two. Friends for 10 years! Can't wait to celebrate Matt this weekend!
2. My ultrasound next week!! It's been weeks since we've gotten to see this little nugget- and the last time we did, it didn't look like more than a blob. This time? We'll actually get to see our baby looking like a baby!!

3. My mom's 60th birthday! It will be a full weekend of celebrating her with a surprise party (don't worry- she doesn't read this) and a day trip to a nearby state park with the family.

4. We're going to Florida! I really wanted to take a long weekend trip and just relax. Doug kept throwing out all these great ideas- but they all would involve lots of sight seeing and walking. And really- I just wanted to sit on the beach. And that's exactly what we're doing.
Looking forward to lots of time next to this pool. And on the beach.
 5. Our 3 year anniversary. The trip is partially anniversary trip/partially babymoon. I still can't believe we've been married for THREE YEARS! But I'm so excited to celebrate our last anniversary as a family of two (well 3 if you count Lucy) before we have the little one next year!

Our first look. One of my favorites.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What's Up Wednesday!

What's up Wednesday! So glad this week is halfway over. Even better is that my boss will be out of town for the rest of the week. Not that I don't like my boss- I actually really do. But it's nice to be able to catch up on other things when he's gone.

What we're eating this week....

I made these feta/chicken pita flatbreads from How Sweet Eats last night. Seriously amazing. A little more time consuming that I like on a weeknight though- but it will definitely be a repeat meal for a weekend. Other than that though, I've been sticking with super easy meals just because I have no motivation to cook when I get home! Not going to lie...I'm getting excited for fall so we can start eating more soups and stews and chili and warm comfort crockpot things!

What I'm reminiscing about...

Ever since my memories post last week, I've been  thinking so much about my 4H days, the county fair, and high school. Good memories, not so good memories, but for some reason it's been on my mind a lot. I think it's time to plan a Holmes County trip soon- maybe I just need to go get out of the city for a while!

What I'm loving...

I've been going to the farmers market every Saturday morning with my aunt. There is a huge farmer's market less than 10 minutes from my house (Shaker Square for you Clevelanders), and I have never taken advantage of it as much as I should. But I have loved all the fresh local produce we've been eating...and of course the gorgeous flowers!

What we've been up to...

Nursery prepping!! A week or so ago, we finally moved Doug's office from the room that will be the nursery down to the basement. Last weekend, we finalized the paint color. And I'm hoping to paint this weekend (with the help of my parents!). It seems early to do it- but I figure earlier, the better!

We went with the middle color "End of the Rainbow"
Which of course means I need to find a Somewhere Over the Rainbow print.
What I'm dreading...

It's hard to be dreading anything right now. A lot to look forward to. Though I guess I would say that the weather is getting cooler, which means Fall. I love fall, but it's the shit that comes after it that I'm not looking forward to. Think this year might be a little better thought with the whole baby thing happening!

What I'm working on...

I'm already thinking about what's going to happen when I'm on maternity leave. I know it's still a little ways away, but there are some things I can do now to prep for that- basically making sure I schedule things out as far as possible. My boss asked my about it the other day- I think he's nervous about me leaving. When I was on vacation for a week in February, he manged to triple book himself at least 4 times and his calendar was a mess when I got back!

What I'm excited about...

Two good friends of ours are getting married next weekend. The groom was one of Doug's roommates in college- so a lot of our college friends will be in town. Including a friend who is also pregnant and due just 2 weeks before me! I'm just so excited to see everyone (even if I don't get to drink at the wedding...)

Love these people!! And blows my mind we will soon all be parents1
What I'm watching/reading...

I've been on a bit of a reading hiatus. Not sure why- but the most I've read in the last couple of weeks is What to Expect When You're Expecting. I need to get back into it! 

 As for watching, I marathoned through the first two seasons of The Fosters on Netflix, and have been keeping up with it now on Hulu. Also- Bachelor in Paradise. Because that total trainwreck is so much fun to watch...plus I love mine and Ashley's weekly texts about all the crazies!

What I'm listening to...

I love the random playlists that I get through the Spotify discover section. Always a great combination of music I know and don't know.

What I'm wearing...

Though the weather the last few days has cooled down a bit, I'm still refusing to wear anything but sandals. Summer isn't over yet. Plus, I hate shoes...though I love boots. Yeah, I don't get it. I am starting to rock the maternity wear. Normal clothes (really just pants...) were starting to become incredibly uncomfortable, so elastic waist bands are my friend.

What I'm doing this weekend...

My parents are coming up on Saturday. I'm hoping for some help painting the nursery. I might also go test drive some cars, even though we're not looking to actually buy anything until after the baby is  born. But we want to have a good idea of what car we want! On Sunday, my dad's side of the family is all getting together for a cookout- always love family time.

What I'm looking forward to next month...

Our third wedding anniversary...WHAAA! Feels like it was just yesterday. We're still deciding if we should take a trip. I'm pushing for a long weekend in Florida. Anniversary/pre-baby getaway. And I would really love some beach time!

 What else is new...

Besides the whole baby thing? Not much. That's taking up most of my time/it's ALL I think about!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Lucy's Outtakes

I love our baby announcement picture of Lucy. Obviously she is adorable. She has also become a huge part of our lives in the past year.

But this isn't a mushy "I love my dog" post. Though I do. And these outtakes from when I was trying to get her to pose for the pictures make me love her even more.

As a reminder, here she is looking cute and perfect and reading a book.
Just don't take my bone away!
Was that a treat???
This book is boring.
Mom. STOP taking my picture.

No. Really. I'm done.

Yep. Officially a crazy dog mom. And now instead of being just a crazy dog mom with an iPhone, I'm a crazy dog mom with a legitimate camera....and a camera card full of pictures of my dog. Soon enough she'll have to share with the baby. Don't know if this diva is ready for that...

Friday, August 21, 2015

My Favorite Time of the Day

One of my favorite parts of my day is during my drive home from work. Specifically, when I drive through a cemetery. Yes, I realize that that sounds super creepy. But I promise it's not. Because that 5 minute part of my drive home through the cemetery is probably the only moments of my entire day that I spend in complete and utter silence.


The cemetery (Lake View Cemetery to be exact) is 285 acres in the middle of the city surrounded by like a 50 foot high wall (honestly...it could be anywhere from 10-100 feet...I'm a really poor judge of heights/distances). My brother used to live around the corner, and when I stayed with him for a summer, I loved to go for runs or walks with the dog through there.

At the end of my day, I start my drive with the radio blaring, checking my phone at every red light to make sure I'm not missing any emails, with my mind racing through the day and things I need to do when I get home.

The instant I pull through the gates into the cemetery though? All noise disappears. I turn my radio off. I roll my windows down. And I just let myself unwind from my day.

It's only about 5 minutes of my drive. But the silence, the feeling of being surrounded by nature even though I'm in the middle of the city, it all makes this not city girl happy. A brief moment of the same happiness I feel whenever I go back to my parents house in the country. When I pull onto their back road, turn the radio off, roll the windows down, andjust soak it up.

It's so easy to get wrapped up in the business of every day life. It never seems to fail that with 10 minutes left in my day, something comes up that leaves me feeling stressed out. My drive home is supposed to be a time to relax...but it's hard to do that with my phone constantly buzzing, the radio on, people driving like assholes.

So at least for that 5 minutes in the cemetery, I can just be.

Thursday, August 20, 2015


I'm the kind of person who has strong ties to a certain smell or music. I can randomly smell a smell and be instantly transported back to a memory from my childhood. Or I can hear a certain song or musician, close my eyes, and feel like I'm back in a certain location.

I love when this happens. The flood of happy memories that washes over me always puts me in a good mood. I can't help but smile.

Hearing Missy Higgins or Postal Service put me on bus with 45 other exchange students driving across Europe. While this was often accompanied by horrible smells (seriously, put 45 teenagers on a bus for two weeks- things start to get funky), it was two of the most amazing weeks of my life. It's hard to put into words more than that. And not because it was 10 years ago. Those memories are as vivid today as they were then. But thinking about it gives me all the feels. Hormones don't help!

These people. The happiest.

Most campfires put me back at my parents house when I was growing up. A campfire with a cold beer in my hand? Hanging out in the middle of a cow pasture with some of the greatest friends ever. And yes...I realize how country this makes me sound. But the smell of a campfire, the sound, just sitting and relaxing and listening to the noises around- that all takes me back to those childhood memories.

These boys (and Lauren of course!)- the best friends a girl could ask for.
Even if we don't see each other often or talk much.
Also- side note- Everyone in this picture is a parent (I'm the last to make it happen!)

The smell of certain variety of Pantene Pro-V. And this ones weird...but for some reason, when I smell it, I'm instantly transported to Camp Ohio for 4H Camp. I spent a week of my summer there for almost 10 years in a row. First as a camper, than as a counselor. Apparently all the girls at camp showered using the same shampoo, because still to this day- the smell of that shampoo put me right back in those little cabins. I shoudl also add hearing Lousiana Saturday Night...nothing like teaching line dancing to a bunch of elementary school kids. Again- spending a week some some of my favorite people in the world. I could also go into all the smells that take me back to the Holmes County Fair...but that's a post all on it's own.

I legit can not believe I'm posting this picture on here.
Such babies.
How's that one for a little Throwback Thursday? And thinking about all those times and the things that remind me of them, I can't help but smile. Definitely a good start to my day.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Nursery Inspiration

Pretty soon after we found out we were expecting, I started pinning nursery ideas like a mad woman. I knew from day one that we wouldn't be finding out the gender, so I was looking for some great gender neutral ideas. I most definitely had a couple secret Pinterest boards during the pre-baby/pre-sharing phase. But I was excited to make those babies public!!

1. here // 2. here // 3. here
We're leaning towards mint with pops of primary colors. I love the calming mint color and the bright pops of color just make me smile.

I'm hoping to bring in those colors with a fun gallery wall and lots of prints. As well as that amazing mobile below- all the pretty bright colors in the world!

1. here // 2. here //
3. I already purchased this on GroopDealz- not 100% sure who the seller was, but I'm in love with it! // 4. here

Insert heart eye emoji here. This puppy (or one very similar) will be coming home with me.
In addition to how we're going to decorate the room, which I have obviously given a LOT of though to, we also need to figure out how to maximize the space. It is a teeny tiny room- but we really don't' want to give up our other bedroom, which is our guest room. Because really...how  much room does a baby need (don't remind me of these words when I'm cursing not having enough space for the baby...)? Thinking double hanging bars in the closet, utilizing shelving units on the wall instead of a bookshelf, baskets of things in the closet (there is a shelf type thing so room below and above that), more baskets under crib/dresser, keeping a glider or recliner in our bedroom or guest room.

I'm not 100% sure how it will all come together- but I have a vision in my head, and I really hope it all works!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Telling my Family

My niece Nora's birthday party was on June 13. This was the first time my parents were back in town since Memorial Day and we were beyond excited to tell them about the baby! If you missed my post about the weekend we found out we were expecting, they were in town- but we wanted to be 100% sure before we told them. And I really wanted to be able to tell them in person.

Saturday before the party, my parents were supposed to come to our house and drop their stuff off. We had printed out our announcement picture of Lucy and framed it on the mantle. The plan was to see if they noticed it, and if not right away, we would show it to them.

This one, if you missed it...because look how stinking cute she is!
Well Plan 1 was ruined when my mom didn't come over with my dad, and we really wanted to tell them together- so we hid the picture and moved on to our next plan.

We headed over to my brothers, where luckily just my mom, dad, brother and sister-in-law were all getting ready for the party. Of course, when we go there, everyone was in different rooms doing various party prep. Doug and I of course being the awkward people we are just kind of milled around and waited for everyone to end up in one room.

All I had to say was "So, we have an announcement..." to which my mom replied "NO!" (excitedly...obviously) and her and my sister-in-law both almost started crying. Everyone was thrilled. We hadn't really told many people we were trying, so they were also super surprised.

We definitely hadn't planned to tell the whole extended family about the baby that day at the party. But my dad, in his over-excitement, kept bugging me about it. "So should I quiet everyone so you can make a big announcement??" I kept saying no- but of course, enough people heard him ask me, so they started questioning what was going on. While we didn't end up making a huge announcement- we did end up telling everyone. Not how we had planned to do it, but it was wonderful to be surrounded by family!