Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Impromptu Night Out

I left work last night with big plans of spending my evening curled up on the couch with my dog and a glass of wine. And then a friend texted and asked if I wanted to go to the Cavs game with her...which included great seats and VIP passes for free food/drinks all night.

A big part of me really wanted to say no. My couch was calling my name. But besides the fact that I was feeling lazy, I had no good reason not to go. And I'm so glad I did!!

Kristen and I have been friends since we were 16 and ended up going to church camp together. While there were a few years in the middle where we fell out of touch, rekindling our friendship was amazing. To have a friend that you have known for over 10 years who knows one too many secrets about you...well, those are the best kind of friends to have.

Plus- an impromptu girls night out, a few drinks and a winning Cavs game? It's just good for the soul.

Oh and we got to see this.
It's almost Tribe time! We got our tickets for opening day last week (perks of husband working for the company the field is named after) and I can't wait!! Just hope it's a little warmer and we don't have all that snow!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Little Things

From day one, Doug and I might not have seemed to be the most compatible couple. We don't have all the same interests and seem pretty opposite in a lot of cases, but we balance each other out.

I keep using this photo I know. I just really want to go back to Jamaica.

I'm the extrovert, willing to start conversations with anyone to his introvert who is perfectly happy never talking to anyone new. I'm the one who absolutely loves being in a busy crowded place and he hates it (ex: opening day for the Indians...which he is dreading because of the sheer number of people that pack into downtown). He's perfectly happy playing video games all day on a Saturday and having no human interaction. I need to talk to people or I go stir crazy.

But it's not all differences. We both love a good super hero movie or TV show (and I don't just love Thor and Arrow because of the incredibly good looking main characters...that's just a perk). We enjoy the same music and he doesn't mind that I always put the same album of The Decemberists on whenever we're in the car. And I don't mind his constant need to share new comedians with me because duh- he knows what makes me laugh.

Just little babies in college.
He kills all the spiders. And only laughs at me a little when I shriek.

He doesn't mind the heel of the bread (thankfully- otherwise it would go straight in the trash).

He does the dishes after I make a giant mess while making dinner.

He compliments my food, even when I can tell it's not his favorite thing.

He sends me pictures of puppies and other funny Reddit things at least once a day. Just because.

Ignore the awkward hands. They were covered in cake.

No special reason for a sappy post today. But when we were making breakfast on Sunday morning, he automatically took the plate with the heel on it (because gross), and it just made me smile. The little things.

Friday, February 27, 2015

5 for Friday

It's Friday! Obviously, you know this. But it has been the slowwwwest week for me, so I'm extra happy that it's Friday.

1. Not only is it Friday, but I am taking off early and working from home for the rest of the day. While looking through general ledgers and tracking our department budget is close to the worst thing ever, doing it sitting on my couch while watching Netflix definitely helps.

2. Miss Lucy has been spoiled lately is always spoiled. Like when she is cold and Doug covers her with a blanket.

But really...she has been driving me absolutely insane. Since she got kicked out of camp (I feel like a bad dog mom every time I say that...), she has had a serious case of cabin fever. It's too cold to take her on long walks or even really play in the back yard for longer than 5 or 10  minutes. And girl won't stop complaining...I just think she's bored.

3. My boss, along with half of my office, has been out of town all this week and all next week. While it's glorious to have a little quiet time- it also is almost TOO quiet and has resulted in the slowest week of my life.

4. One of my favorite breweries has finally started canning another one of their awesome beers. They are a pretty small brewery in Athens (of course) and while we didn't go there in college, now their beer is one of my favorites! And I'm still kicking myself about the fact that we didn't go there enough when we were down there!
Not to mention, the artwork on all their cans is awesome.

5. Having friends over tonight to play some darts. Having my aunt and uncle over tomorrow for dinner. Plus lots of nap/snuggle time with my pup. This sounds like a perfect weekend to me!

And also. Llamas. Because #LlamasOnTheLoose killed me yesterday.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

No Shopping

You know how when you decide to stop doing something or give something up? And then ALL you can think about is the thing you know you aren't supposed to do?

There was that time I did a 5 day challenge- which involved no alcohol, no salt and no sweets. So of course all I wanted all week was a huge glass of wine and a Snickers bar.

And now it's Lent. I gave up shopping.

Unfortunately, that doesn't include the no fun grocery shopping or buying toilet paper and paper towels in bulk at Costco. Just the stuff I really want- like clothes and jewelry and shoes. But I'm still buying wine, because I'm not crazy.

Thankfully, the Zulily sale for Toms happened the day before Ash Wednesday...resulting in these puppies being on their way to my door right now.
Not that I will be able to wear them for at least 3 months- thanks Cleveland.
But then on Ash Wednesday, about 4 hours after I was walking through Target and thinking that I spend too much  money on stuff I don't need and deciding to give up shopping, Homage had a sale on all things OU. And a sweatshirt I had been drooling over for months was seriously on sale. So I made Doug buy it for me.
And it's my new favorite sweatshirt forever and ever.
In all honesty though, I had been shopping aimlessly and buying stuff just because it was a good deal, whether I really needed another pair of fleece lined leggings or not. *Hint* I did not. A huge and completely unnecessary shopping kick. So what better way to break that spree than to give it up for Lent?

Even though ALL I WANT IS TO GO SHOPPING. Because I can't. That's good for me though. I just am forcing myself into the habit of immediately deleting the GroopDealz and Jane daily emails and completely ignoring Instagram posts that Oakleigh Rose or Hazel and Olive are having a sale. And avoiding Target at all costs.

So wish me luck! I think I'll need it.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snowver It

Winter. Go away.

Not only do I have at least a foot and a half of snow on my porch, the current temperature is 6 degrees. The high yesterday? Pretty sure it was 4...-20 if you add the windchill. It's cold.

I'm never a person who enjoys winter....the instant the first snow hits, I start counting down the days for warmer weather. Unfortunately, in Ohio those days could not come until April.

Lucy is going crazy- she hasn't had a really good walk in weeks. She in turn is driving me crazy with her incessant whining and constant need for attention. Seriously- my dog has the highest pitched whine in the world and can do it for a ridiculously long period of time without taking a breath.

And then this morning, I walked out of my house and promptly had the most epic fall ever in the middle of my driveway. I can feel the bruise starting on my leg and know I will be hobbling like an old lady tomorrow.

So yes- over winter. I was over it before it even started.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Vacation Mindset

Doug works in IT. My work email is on my phone and I constantly check it. We have grown up in the age of social media and have an obscene amount of devices in our house. iPhones, computers, two Playstations, a Wii, an Xbox, a Roku, two Kindles, etc... etc...Right? Insane.

Going on vacation was a much needed break from all of this. While there was wi-fi on our resort and we occasionally checked social media (mostly just so I could post pictures and make all of ya'll super jealous), I deleted my work email off my phone. More often than not, our phones were left in our room.

I would leave the room with nothing. Absolutely nothing. No purse, no phone, no keys. Not even a watch. Because it didn't matter what time it was. By the end of the week, instead of it taking us 3 minutes to walk from one side of the resort to the other (what? I'm a super fast walker)- it took at least 10 minutes and consisted of walking through the water, at least one stop for a Red Stripe, maybe an ice cream cone.

We were relaxed and so so happy and didn't have a care in the world. As I talked about the other day, when we got back- this all changed. A lot went down hill and it went down hill quick. On top of all that, work has been a total mess this week with late nights and way too much stress.

I'm struggling to get back to that vacation mindset. That relaxed, chill, no need to run from one place to the next way of life. I know it's not practical to expect that to be my every day life. I just need to remind myself that living a work heavy, technology filled, plans every night kind of life isn't practical...or healthy. And also not necessary. I don't need to work will still be there tomorrow. It's ok to say no to plans...friends and family won't hate us.

And someday...we'll go back to this place and remember that feeling again.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Gee, Welcome Home

It was negative 10 when I woke up this morning. Last week at this time? 85 degrees and sunny with the beach in front of me. As awesome as it is to escape the crappy winter weather in February, it makes it twice as hard to come back to it!

See? Gorgeous and perfect and amazing.

And then we came home. Yes, the weather is shitty. But that hasn't even been the worst part about being home.

Within three days- our washer broke and we had to buy a new one, we started our taxes and realized we owed a lot, and Lucy decided to get in a fight with every dog at doggy day camp and got kicked out. Gee- welcome home.

While the washer thing is a pain in the ass (and I desperately need to do laundry), it wasn't the end of the world. We have savings for things like this. The whole taxes thing...again, not the end of the world. But certainly unexpected and super shitty. With me starting a new job (and making more money), things somehow got messed up and not enough was withheld from my paycheck.

As for Lucy...*sigh* This dog stresses me out more than I care to admit. We decided to take her to camp on Sunday because it was free and it was freezing so she was feeling a little stir crazy with lack of exercise. Well, apparently this meant that she was feeling feisty and got into 4 fights. And they kicked her out, saying she can't come back until she has more training.

This is the place we take her to get exercise. We take her there when we need to board her for a night. She gets her nails clipped there since she freaks out anywhere else. It's kind of her happy place. And our peace of mind place since we know she loves it there. And after 6 months of taking her there at least once a week- she's in a bad mood once- and they kick her out.

Once again, I see this sweet loving dog every day when I get home who just loves to have her ears and belly scratched and loves to play tug of war and chase tennis balls. But for some reason, she just keeps acting out at all the wrong times resulting in people not wanting to be around her and her not being welcome back to camp.

It just makes me sad that not everyone can see her the way I do. I mean really, does that dog up there look like she would really hurt a fly?