Friday, April 24, 2015


I love not having cable. Honesty, I haven't lived in a house with cable for over 5 years. Doug always had it until we moved in together, when we decided that spending that much money for cable wasn't worth it. Between Netflix and Hulu plus, Amazon Prime and HBO Go, we were set. Especially when friends gifted us a Roku for a wedding gift, which made it even easier to stay up to date on shows.

Plus I really didn't miss spending hours flipping through the channels and trying to find something to watch.

We have not once regretted this decision.

Until last night when everyone and their damn mother (and my uncle) RUINED GREY'S ANATOMY FOR ME.

Don't worry. I won't spoil it if you haven't watched it yet. I'm not a fricken animal.

But seriously. In this day and age, enough people don't have cable or watch shows on DVR or Hulu the next day. So why in the world would you post spoilers in a place that everyone can see them less than 5 minutes after the show is over? WHY?

I get it if I accidentally read something the following day. I don't love it- but I wouldn't feel the same anger. The following day, I at least have a chance to watch it before the spoilers. But the same day? No chance.

So here I am on a Friday morning, watching a show already knowing how it ends.

Animals I tell you. All of you.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fix #2

After giving up shopping for Lent (quite successfully I must add), I decided to reward myself with my second fix from Stitch Fix! I'm sure most of you know how Stitch Fix works at this point, but you pay a $25 styling fee and a stylist will send you 5 pieces of clothing or accessories. The stylist works from a profile that you fill out, your Pinterest page and any special requests you may have. You then decide what you want to keep and send the rest back in a pre-paid envelope. The $25 styling fee is applied to anything you decide to purchase.

And I have to say- this is only my 2nd fix, but my stylist absolutely killed it!! I opened the box and immediately swooned over everything. I have been pinning a lot of bright colors, cute sleeveless tops that are good for work or after work drinks, fun maxis. I specifically asked for tops that could be dressed up for work with a cardigan or more casual for a girls night. Please excuse my horrible photography quality- iPhone not for the win. However, this has prompted me to strongly hint to my husband how awesome a nicer camera would be for my birthday in 2 weeks!

An overview of my goodies!
My fix had 3 tops, a cardigan and a maxi. I knew instantly that I would keep the  maxi and the one top. But it didn't take long to convince me that everything else in the box needed to be permanently hanging in my closet.

1. Daniel Rainn Eliza Crochet Shoulder Blouse - $68

 I may have squealed a little when I pulled this one out of the box. The color, the polka dot texture, the lace detail on the shoulders. It's light and flowy and absolutely perfect for springtime.

2. Gilli Eloise Maxi Dress - $74
This was another instant love. It's no secret that I love maxi's and basically live in them all spring/summer long. No shame in my game. This one hit the mark. The color is amazing- the perfect pop of color for my wardrobe. It fit like a dream. With the criss-cross detail on the back and the ruching around the waist, it make it feel just a little nicer than normal maxis- perfect to dress up for a wedding or throw a jean jacket over it for work. 

3. Pixley Brook Dot Print Tie-Waist Top - $44

When I first pulled this out of my box and saw the tie waist, I won't lie- I was a little disappointed. I'm not a huge fan of shirts like that....or at least I thought I wasn't. Until I tried this shirt on. With my teal shorts, with pink pants, with a mustard cardigan- and it looked absolutely perfect with all of them. Not to mention the fit is a little looser, comfy and flowy, and this glorious silky material that I just want to pet all day. You can't tell me I'm the only one that does this...

4. Daniel Rainn Hal Crew Neck Blouse - $68
The color is glorious- a royal blue with a subtle flower texture/pattern. I tried it on with white skinnies and it was an adorable outfit for summer. I wasn't completely in love, but knew that it would get plenty of wear if I kept it. I spend half my summer meeting donors at an outdoor amphitheater- so nice sleeveless tops come in quite handy.

5. Mak Jaclynn 3/4 Sleeve Button-Up Cardigan - $38

It's a white 3/4 sleeve cardigan. There isn't too much to say about it- I don't even have a picture of it. I like it and will definitely wear it, but probably wouldn't have bought it.

However- if I bought all 5 items, I received 25% off the whole order. Which in the end, made it a better deal to just buy it all!! And let's be honest, I love a good deal. So while this is more than I would normally spend on clothes (see above on a good deal...there is a reason I do most of my shopping at Target and Kohls), these are all pieces that I knew would get a ton of wear and be worth the money spent on them.

All in all- Stitch #2 was a huge success!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Stressful Week

This week has been rough. The kind of rough that by Wednesday morning at 10:00 am, I'm sitting at my desk reciting "Don't stress out, don't stress out, don't stress out" to myself in my head. With two big trustee committee meetings, multiple other presentations to work on, and three important concerts this weekend. Oh and one of those trustee meetings? It is the executive committee- meaning all the most important people on our board and this is the first time I've managed that meeting. And I have to say- hitting send on the email to that group? HOLY SHIT.

So by Wednesday night? All I wanted to do was go home and drink a beer. Which is exactly what I did.

And you know what else I did to relax? I spent over two hours in my kitchen. There is something so comforting and so relaxing about cooking. Checking recipes, chopping veggies, The Voice on tv, tasting as I go. It wasn't until I sat down to eat dinner that I realized I had spent that long in my kitchen. But it helped. I was in my happy place.

Plus, I made this chicken salad and prepped to make these tacos and this salsa. Which are all delicious. And yes I'm completely in love with that blog. Her recipes...I have made many and yet to have one I didn't like. Yummm.

This week is definitely rough. But knowing I get to home to my husband, my dog, my kitchen and an ice cold beer? It helps me keep my head down and get through the days.

Doesn't hurt that I get to come home to this face.

In her element with her head shoved out the window on our way home from HC last weekend.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My Shopping Ban

I gave up shopping for Lent. And I rocked that shopping ban. As soon as Easter hit, I was excited to start opening all those sale emails that I had gotten in the habit of deleting immediately.

And while, I won't lie and say that I still haven't bought anything (I mean hello J. Crew Outlet and Oakleigh Rose sales), but I'm still promptly deleting all those emails. And I walked into Target AND TJ Maxx yesterday and didn't buy a thing. I know, I even shocked myself.

Here's the thing though. I didn't miss it. Sure, I love coming home to fun packages in the mail- but my bank account sure loved it. And so has my closet. I've pulled out clothes that have just been hanging out in the back of my closet and dresser, unworn and unloved. Because duh- new clothes are more fun.

So while I'm not going to 100% ban myself from all shopping, I'm definitely going to try to limit it.

Unless there is free shopping. Then all bets are off.

Friday, April 3, 2015


For some reason, my work weeks lately have been dragggging by unnecessarily slowly. Which mas been making Friday's even better than normal!

1. Doug and I are heading back to my parents house this weekend. I'm a little stressed for a few reasons.
  • Lucy in the car for long trips is horrible. She freaks out the entire time and stress sheds like no other. I'm debating Benadryl before the trip...
  • My grandma and uncle will be there; and not that I don't love my grandma and uncle, but I don't know how Lucy is going to do with  my uncle- he is very tall, very loud and not the greatest about dealing with dogs. Example- he yells at them if he thinks they do something wrong. Which will freak Lucy out- so my mom and I are just preparing on how to approach the situation the best we can.
  • Enjoying the sunshine with this girl.
2. Doug is currently in a job interview for a promotion at work....fingers crossed for him!

3. With Easter on Sunday, that means my hiatus from shopping will soon be up. Which I am slightly excited for...too many people are having amazing deals on spring things- and now that Cleveland is maybe possibly thinking that it's springtime, I'm even more excited about warm weather clothes!

And even with the supposed curse (the last time the Indians were on the cover of Sports Illustrated, they apparently had the worst record in the MLB), I'm super excited for baseball season!!

5. I'm still not sure- but there is a strong chance that one of my closest friends from my time as an exchange student is coming to visit tonight. We don't talk as frequently as I would like, but whenever I am able to see her, it's like no time has passed and is so wonderful to catch up!!

This group. They will always have such a big piece of my heart.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Brain Dump

Time for a Wednesday brain dump.

At work, we have an open concept office- so all 20+ of us sit in one open space. Because of this-, every little thing needs to be voted on by the whole department. We're painting two accent walls in our department. I end up being in charge of all random shit like this, so I picked out 5 different options to have everyone vote. But of course (even with 5 options), I'm still getting responses like "These are going to be way too dark" or "This will be SO bright on the wall" or "I don't like any of them." But since no one else will take charge of the situation, I just don't really care and it is what it is.


I drive my cousin to work every day because he works on the college campus where my building is and they are a one car family. This week, his daughter has been going to a camp at the museums around us, so I have been driving both of them. The emotions a 6 year old feels (and talks about loudly) are hilarious. She has been SO EXCITED and SO SAD all within the span of 30 seconds. Also, this morning she told me to "Enjoy your life before kids. Once you have kids, it all changes." She's 6 and it's hilarious.

I've been in the mood to paint a room in my house. Our dining room was my first option, but my mom convinced me to just hang some stuff on our walls and that might change my mind. So we went out and bought a big painting. And we got a rug from my aunt and uncle. I'm pretty happy with the results!! Though I still want to paint something...maybe the basement.

Poor lighting and messy table, but I promise it really brings the room together!

Nora likes to wear other peoples shoes. And babies in shoes that are too big for them is hilarious.
Macarons at work make any day better- especially when one is Bailey's flavored!
Fire drills at work when its 50 and sunny make for a pretty awesome afternoon.
And my dog uses pillows. Because she is a damn diva.

Happy hump day!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Morning Me Says No

I had big plans of going to the gym this morning. Instead my alarm didn't go off.

Because I turned it off.

Yesterday me:
5:00- text to my friend to see if she is going to class in the morning. She says no because she isn't working so she doesn't want to get up at 5:00 am. I decide it doesn't matter; I'll go anyway.

9:00- I set my alarm for 5:15am. But I feel good about it. I'm going to bed early; I can finally breathe again (after a week of the plague); I can definitely make it to class.

This morning me:
3:30am- I wake up to go to the bathroom. Notice the time and think I'm pretty pumped that I still have 2 hours of sleep.

3:40- I'm still awake. My throat is a little itchy. I should turn my alarm off.

3:50- I'm still awake. My neck is still stiff. I should turn my alarm off.

4:00- Stop making excuses Margaret. You're going to the gym.

4:30- I'm still awake. Whyyy?

4:45- Screw it. Alarm is going off.

7:15- I really should have gone to the gym.

I'm great at making excuses to not go. That's the easy part. Shutting down those excuses and dragging my butt out of bed?'s rough. Thankfully I have a friend to go with. Knowing that she is waking up and getting to class on time and is expecting me to be there? That's good motivation to do it myself. I've realized that having a workout buddy is a bigger motivator to me than just wanting to get in shape or lose weight.

So no I didn't make it this morning, but there is always Thursday. Day time me knows I can do it.