Thursday, March 24, 2016

Life Lately

I have two nieces. My cousins have mostly little girls. Before a month ago, my time spent around baby boys was very minimal.

The whole time I was pregnant, I obviously knew there was a chance we would have a boy. For some reason, I just assumed we would have a girl though. I mean, everyone we knew had girls. My mom and Doug were convinced from day 1 though that our little nugget was a boy.

Then Elliot was born. And I became a boy mom.

Now, as of right now, he's just a baby. Not much is different. You know...except the super skill of peeing all over the me, the wall, himself, etc... every time I take his diaper off. Without fail.

But these days, we're just figuring out life with a tiny person. A tiny person who has taken over our lives. In the best way possible. We're figuring out what his different cries mean, how to make him happy and what makes him mad (when Doug or I talk to him and when he's hungry- which is literally all the time), how to survive life with him...and how to keep him alive, and of course the tricks to prevent him from peeing all over everything.

My days seem like a blur of feeding him (seriously...all the time), staring at his adorable little face, trying to keep our house in at least some sort of order, remembering to eat, and trying to get us out of the house occasionally.

And I've watched my husband become an incredible father. Somehow, I've grown to love him even more than I did as I watch him pick up our little man and talk to him and snuggle with him.

This post was obviously more about showing off our adorable new born pictures. All of our newborn pics were taken by Katherine Smith Studio. I kind of lucked into finding her- I work with her sister and had mentioned something when I was looking for a photographer and her sister told me about her. I love all them so much and I'm so glad we'l have pictures like this of our little man when he was just a week old! As I sit her with a 7 week old, I find it hard to remember my little chunky man being that small!

*side note* I wrote this post like two weeks ago...and forgot to post it. And I'm just now logging on for the first time to actually do it! Oops. 

Monday, February 8, 2016

He's Here!

Obviously I have been a little quiet around here, but I think for a pretty good reason.

Elliot LaVigne Gautier was born on February 2 at 4:05 pm after around 19 hours of labor. 7 pounds 8 ounces and 21 1/2 inches long, he's pretty damn adorable (in my very biased opinion).

Labor sucked. And jaundice sucks (especially when it results in a longer hospital stay). But we're finally home and little man is getting stronger and healthier every day.

 I had big plans of writing more. HA. Not with a newborn. Time for someone to eat.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Past Due

I am officially past my due date. For the last 9 months, January 31 has been the end point in my mind. This baby was supposed to come by or on January 31. Ha. Just kidding. I always knew that there was a good chance that this baby would come late. But in the last month, I've been seriously hoping that this would be the end point.

All month, I've been playing the waiting game. And that waiting game continues.

So what do you do the weekend your supposed to be having a baby but nothing is happening?

1. Enjoy the unseasonably warm Cleveland weather and take the slowest walks around the block with your husband and dog.

2. Watch a whole season of Pretty Little Liars on Netflix while bouncing up and down on a workout ball

3. Continue to bounce on said ball, all while sending positive, downward thoughts to the baby

4. Eat ridiculously spicy food for every meal.

5. Try out a new diner for breakfast because they have sausage gravy and biscuits (which for some reason has been harder to find than I would have expected)

6. Nap

7. Play a new puzzle game with husband

8. Answer 500 texts about whether you have had the baby or not

9. Wander around Target aimlessly two days in a row

10. Think that every single ache and pain is contractions. And then get upset when you realize it's not

Thing's to not do the weekend your supposed to have a baby?

1. Not have a baby

So here it is Monday morning, and the waiting game continues.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Boy or Girl??

Early on, we decided we weren't going to find out the gender of the baby. Ok...well I decided and slowly pulled Doug over to my way of thinking. And for 8 and a half months, I was super happy with the decision to wait to find out. However, now that we're within a week or so of meeting this little one? I JUST WANT TO KNOW ALREADY!!!

Erin posted the other day a bunch of old wives tales that are supposed to help predict boy or girl. I've been meaning to post something similar, and since we will be meeting this baby sooner than later - now seems like a great time to do it!

Chinese Gender Chart
According to this chart, it'll be a BOY!
The Mayans/Even & Odd - GIRL
If your age and year of conception are both even or odd, it's a girl. One of each means a boy.
Heartbeat - GIRL
If the heartbeat is over 140+ beats per minute, that points to girl. 140 or less means boy. This little ones heartbeat has hovered around the 140s pretty consistently, but is always over.
Skin/Beauty - BOY
If you're breaking out a lot, expect a little girl as they say she's "stealing your beauty."  I had some breakouts early on, but it hasn't really been that bad. Just super dry skin...but I think that's more about the dry and cold weather than the baby! So we'll go with boy.
Morning Sickness - BOY
Sickness tends to mean it's a girl, but little to none means boy. I feel guilty every time I say this, but I never got sick. I barely ever had nauseousness, and I never threw up. Thanks to my mama for strong genes on this one ('ve asked a ton of friends if they were sick or not, and if their mom was when she was pregnant. More often than not- it has been the same!
Cravings - GIRL
Salty stuff means boy, sweets equals girl. GIVE ME ALL THE COOKIES. No, but seriously- I have had an insane sweet tooth which is really not normal for me.
Mood Swings - BOY
If you're experiencing lots of mood swings it's a girl. Doug has told me he expected my moods to be a lot crazier, but I've really been relatively calm. Some random tears here and there...mostly in the last few weeks. But I feel like that's kind of normal being in my ninth month!

Clumsiness - BOY
If you're more clumsy when pregnant, it's a boy. If nothing changes, it's a girl. HA- this one is hilarious. I drop stuff all the time. I run into things all the time. I refused to go outside when we had a ton of snow on the ground because I was terrified about falling.

The Belly Test - BOY
Carrying in the front? It's a boy. Expanding horizontally? A girl. Boy takes this one for me. My coworkers routinely comment on the fact that from the back, they have no idea I'm pregnant (minus my very distinct pregnant waddle these days).

Doug's vote? BOY

My vote? I have absolutely no idea!

If we go by this? Boy- all the way! Not counting mine and Doug's votes, we have 6 to 3 in favor of a boy. Doug has had a gut feeling that it's a boy since the beginning. Same with my mom. I change my mind on basically a daily basis, so my vote doesn't really mean much!

Guess we'll see!!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Nursery Reveal

Pretty soon after we found out we were expecting, I excitedly started pinning nursery inspiration like crazy. I posted all about that over here. And considering this little is due in a week (!!!!!!), figure it's time to share the nursery!

As a reminder, this is what we started with.

Obviously it was a nursery before we moved in, and we just never got around to changing it up. Which was fine considering we knew it would become a nursery again someday. And while I loved the bright yellow and the caterpillar, I knew I wanted to change it up to make the room ours.

Welcome to Baby G's nursery. The room itself is rather tiny. Luckily, there was the perfect little nook right outside the room to put our rocking chair, which was my grandmas. The blanket hanging over the back of the chair was crocheted by my mom. 

View of the nursery from the door

My parents bought us the crib. While we went with white for everything else, we decided to stick with a wood crib. It is one that can be converted to a toddler bed, and then a full size one- so we figured the wooden one would transition better.

The bed skirt, curtain valences and crib quilt (which you can see a peak of!) were made by my mom. Having a mom who can sew is kind of the best. Starting above the crib and continuing about halfway around the room is a garland, which I thought brought in another bright pop of color.

A better view of the prints hanging above the crib
The crib quilt. My mom surprised me with it- I love it. 
The other end of the garland.
A bookshelf which I can not wait to fill!
And the guardian angel picture, which hung in my bedroom while I was growing up

The dresser (you can see the before here) was thrifted for just $40! A coat of paint, some new drawer pulls and it's as good as new! And perfect for a changing table. The mirror was another random find from a coworker getting rid of it. Again, a fresh coat of paint and it adds a perfect little pop of color. 

The top of the dresser is pretty small. So when I saw how Diana from Wonderfully Made used this wire caddy from Target to hold diapers and other odds and ends, I knew it would be perfect! 

I'll spare you from the closet- it's kind of messy and not fully ready to go- so nothing exciting to see.

I love how the room came out though! While there wasn't really a theme that we had in mind, I think the colors all pulled together perfectly. And now....just waiting for this baby!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Life Update

It's been a hot second or two since I've posted. I know, I know. To be fair, my home laptop has decided to crap out on me. Oh and after work an 8 hour day, I come home and spend the next 4 hours trying to get comfortable on the couch before going to bed and tossing and turning all night. So blogging hasn't really been top of mind.

But I figured I should give a quick update around these parts.

The main update being...I'm still pregnant. 38 and a half weeks if you really want specifics. And to be honest...I'm pretty over being pregnant at this point. I have a winter coat that will only zip over my belly about half the time. My snow boots take me at least 10 minutes to put on and I end up seriously out of breath. Oh, and the actual snow? It never stops! December was awesomely mild, but January has decided to make up for it with freezing cold temps and a shit ton of snow. And since my already clumsy self is even clumsier with this big ol' belly on me...I've spent way too much time inside for fear of falling.

Enough bitching though.

In the last month, I had two amazing baby showers. Both of which I took zero pictures at. Ok- not quite right. I have one picture.

My cousin Abby, who was also my maid of honor is also pregnant and is due in April. I absolutely LOVE the fact that we will have babies so close together. We are 2 years apart, but grew up incredibly close and I'm so excited for our babies to be able to do the same!

We were also gifted tons of baby Bobcat gear...which just makes me smile.
I love our college friendships. And at least half of the people at my one shower were all OU grads. Including my aunt and her college roommate, who are still best friends. Love.

Since having both showers, baby stuff has taken over our living room. We wanted to get everything set up early to give Lucy time to get used to all these foreign items taking over her house. She ignores it all for the most part, but the swing (especially with the vibrations on) scares the shit out of her- so we're working on that one.

Speaking of Lucy- girl has been spoiled lately. Constant pets and treats and loving from both Doug and I. We know our time with just her is nearing the end- so we're making sure to give her plenty of love!
These two. Be still my heart.
So that's pretty much it. Still pregnant. Over it. Baby stuff has taken over the house. Lucy is a diva.

Oh and I still hate winter.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thursday Brain Dump

Since the weekend, I have been thinking of random things to blog about. Yet, none of them have actually made it onto the blog. So here you go- one giant brain dump.

1. I finally was able to upgrade my car!!! I have been driving a 2007 Chevy Aveo (which is basically the size of a go cart)- which was the most basic model. Manual windows and locks, no cruise control, super basic. Plus it was small. With our growing family, we decided it was time for me to get something a little nicer (and more reliable). So the day before Thanksgiving, we headed up and traded in my little Aveo for a 2014 Kia Sorrento. While it's taken a little getting used to (considering it's like twice the size), I love it. It is a serious upgrade for me...and gives us some much needed additional space.

Plus I discovered that I have satellite radio...which we're not paying for- so I'm not sure how. But I am seriously in love with it.

The first was obviously a college throwback. And the other two? I died. SO AWESOME.
2. We had another ultrasound on this little nugget. The whole thing was normal and at the end she said she would get us some pictures, and then switched it to the 3D! And while I do think these 3D ones can be a tad still makes me all smiley looking at that little face!
3. It is in the 50s today. And this weekend? High 60s. In the middle of December. In Cleveland. Say what? We have only had snow once. It's really throwing  me off. But I am NOT complaining!

4. Last weekend, I went to the baby shower of a wonderful friend of mine. She used to work with Doug before moving to Columbus, and she is due just a week and a half after me! So it's always good to catch up, and I can't wait for the playdates to come with our little ones.

5. I did possibly the most pregnant woman thing ever this morning. I was on my way to work from a doctors appointment, with plans to stop at this little donut shop with amazzzzing apple fritters. I was distracted, thinking about baby names of all things, and drove right past it. I realized it right away...and actually turned around to go back and get my apple fritter. And yes- it was 100% worth it.

6. Lucy has been exceptionally needy lately. I'm not sure if she knows her life is about to change drastically or what. But she has been super whiny lately. On the flip side, she's also been super cuddly and routinely ends the day curled up with her head resting on my legs.

Just staring at the Christmas tree.