Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fall in Holmes County

I just have to take a minute to brag a little about where I grew up. I've always known it was gorgeous, especially in the fall. Heck- that's a big reason we decided to get married there in the fall.

Case in point: This picture of me and my fabulous bridesmaids in my parents front yard.
This was early fall and it's still drop dead gorgeous.

But now?? Everyone knows it.

Because National Geographic just named Holmes County, Ohio as the #3 place in the world to see autumn leaves. It tops a list with places like Portugal and Russia and Japan. My rural little hometown. Just makes me happy :)

Photo from here
Gorgeous! Except now I'm sad because I don't think we have a free weekend at all this fall for me to go visit my parents and see the breathtaking views.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Healthy Challenge Challenges

Last week, I participated in a fitness challenge which involved daily workouts and clean eating (healthier foods, portion control, etc...).

And I have to say- it was seriously a challenge for me. That being said, I'm really happy I did it and was thrilled with the results. While I haven't stepped foot on a scale in months (those things suck- I refuse to even own one)- I could definitely see and feel the difference.

During the 5 days of the challenge- there were some things that definitely didn't surprise me at all (hello, I missed wine. Duh) but there were other things that did shock me a little. So here is a list of what I learned about myself.

1. Even though I'm not a huge sweets person, when I know I can't have a candy bar- it's ALL I can think about.

2. If I'm challenged to something, I look at it as a competition. Which means that losing (or failing) is 100% not an option. So even though all I wanted all week was a giant glass of red wine and a damn Snickers bar, I rocked it and stuck to the diet.

3. Green tea may be good for you. And I don't totally hate it. But starting my morning was rough without my earl grey loaded with milk and sugar. I also haven't had a Chai tea latte in over a week. Guess where you'll find me around 2:30 today!

hahaha Grumpy Cat.
 4. I use a lot of salt. I didn't think I did until I wasn't using it at all. It's my go to for basically every meal I make. I had to find creative ways to season things when I couldn't use salt. Hello LOTS of garlic, chilli powder and cayenne.

5. Starting a workout that is only going to take you 10 minutes, you think "Oh. This will be easy." Trust me. It won't  be. Especially because 20 seconds of hill climbers actually feels like forever.

6. I didn't struggle at all during the day. I mean, sure I occasionally wanted a piece of chocolate or something. But my yogurt/berries, snacks and salad for lunch did a surprisingly great job of tiding me over. It's when I got home that I struggled. Mostly because I wanted wine. So while I think I might actually stick to the healthy daytime routine, I'm not going be giving up wine for a long time.

7. Getting my workout done in the morning is THE BEST THING EVER. Seriously. When I got home from work and knew that I didn't have to think about a workout? It was awesome. So while I'm still struggling with my 5:45am workout classes- it really is the best option for me. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Leave it to me to attend an absolutely stunning wedding on Saturday and take exactly one picture. However- that one picture is perfect. And I'm so so happy for my beautiful Little!! Her wedding day was perfection- from the venue to the food trucks (including Jeni's ice cream!) to the amazing music.

Of course we're drinking beers. Because college.
Dress from Oakleigh Rose. I'm mildly obsessed.
We ended up driving home on Saturday night (Doug drove...not me after a few beers at the wedding) so we could pick Lucy up first thing on Sunday morning. The rest of my day consisted of snuggles with the pooch, jumping up and down on my couch screaming at the TV (welcome to football season!) and prepping for the End of Summer Shape-Up challenge I'm doing with Ashten and some other lovely bloggers.

ALL the vegetables.
Doug is eating healthy with me- so I doubled up on what I bought!
Oh AND my fantasy football team is WINNING!! After a 3-11 season last year, I'm pretty pumped about that. And considering ALL of my teams lost this weekend...I'm glad I have my fantasy team to cheer for!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Tomorrow is our first wedding of the year. Say whaaa! After 3 years with 8+ weddings a year, it blows my mind that our first wedding of the year didn't even come until September. It seems fitting though that our first wedding of the year is one of my favorite people on this planet.

In college, I joined a business fraternity. Yes, I know I was a journalism major- but my brother had been in it and he convinced me it was a good idea. And if for nothing else than plenty of amazing parties and awesome friends- it was totally worth it.

I joined my junior year. Beginning of my senior year, I decided I wanted to take a Little. And through the best luck I've ever had, I was matched with Abby. A random pairing, but a friendship meant to be. I can't imagine my senior year without her in it. And I'm so so happy to see her get married this weekend!

Plus...if it's anything like my wedding, it will be one hell of a party!

Original caption on this
"Love you guys like mayo"
And considering I've seen her make a sandwich with at least a cup of mayo on it?
That's a whole stinking lot

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

It Was a Good Weekend....Until it Wasn't

I was hoping to come here first thing Monday morning and talk about how wonderful our visit was with my parents and how awesome Lucy did on our first weekend away with another dog.

Instead, I think about the weekend and I want to cry.

The weekend started off well. The dogs basically ignored each other. There were little grumbles here and there, but a squirt bottle stopped those pretty quick. Saturday night, my mom's friend came over and brought her dog (a rescue she just got who is about a year old). My mom had originally asked her not to- but she insisted.

At first, it was fine. My parents dog (who is about 6 or 7) just lay under the table- her preferred location. She isn't one to rough house or play with other dogs. Lucy did very well with my mom's friends dog and they were playing a lot. We decided to let them outside to run around. The two younger pups were playing and Lucy was getting pretty riled up- but still having fun.

My parents dog was standing inside watching. My mom's friend decided to let her out. She somehow ended up in the middle of the other two playing and growled and nipped at Lucy. Which led to Lucy feeling threatened and she attacked my parents dog. Sidenote: My parent's dog is fine. I think she ended up having to get stitches, and was obviously very shaken up and scared of Lucy after it happened. By Sunday, they were back to amicably ignoring each other.

I could easily sit and point fingers and say it's not my fault; not Lucy's fault; that it was my mom's friends fault; that she should have known better. It never should have happened. They were great all weekend. And so on and so on. While I think all those things are true, that doesn't matter.

Because it all still boils down to the fact that my dog bit another dog.

I feel like a failure. A failure as a dog owner. I've failed Lucy as her owner. I've failed Duchess by bringing another dog into her home that attacked her.

It's been three days and even though we're back home with Lucy, acting adorable and sweet as she always does when it's just us, I still can't stop thinking about it. And crying about it. And feeling sick to my stomach about it.

And that's all. Because I just don't know what to say about it anymore. I've been beating myself up enough in my own head. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Guilty Pleasures

Guilty pleasures.We all have 'em. Some are a little more embarrassing than others. But then again, there is a reason they are called guilty pleasures.

Venus Trapped in Mars

So of course I had to join in on today's Total Social with Sarah and Helene!

1. All things Bachelor(ette)(In Paradise)(Pad). For real though- I love them all. The complete train wreck that inevitably happens every season. Currently? It's AshLee and Elise leading the crazy train.

2. Donuts. I'm not that big of a sweets girl...but put donuts in front of me? It's pretty much impossible for me to just eat one. Or two. Never enough! I saw a picture of donuts on instagram this morning and have been craving one two ever since...and have been debating driving to the donut shop around the corner.

3. Pictures of puppies. Adorable Instagram accounts (AJ the Frenchie, Mommas Gone City- for real though...Theo and Beau naptime pictures make my day, Puppy Palace). Reddit's aww page...of which Doug send me links to at least twice a day. Any picture of a puppy- they all make me happy.

4. Real Housewives of Orange County. I've been working from home the last two days....which means I have been binge watching this. I'm not as hooked on the other Housewives....but the Orange County ladies. Love it.

5. Online shopping. I get daily emails from GroopDealz, Jane, ToAdorn and countless other sites. And free shipping?? Forget about it. It's my weakness. I basically HAVE to buy it if there is free shipping...whatever it is.

6. A good sandwich. I'm talking a fantastic deli sandiwch loaded with roast beef or turkey. Good cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, some tasty sauce. I just love a good sandwich.

7. Frozen Reese's. Eggs or Christmas trees are obviously the best. But really any Reeses. And they are SO GOOD frozen. Thanks to my husband for introducing me to that one.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Work Woes

I've been saying a lot recently how much I love my job. And it's true. I do.

But after an insanely tough week, I feel like I need to be fully honest with all of you. That even though I love my job, it's not all sunshine and rainbows.

I cried at least 5 times last week. Once was a breakdown of epic proportions in front of half of my coworkers. I'm talking tears, puffy red face, completely embarrassing meltdown.I had made a pretty stupid mistake and it was just the last straw on an already insane week. I woke up every day with a giant crick in my neck. I got home every day, poured a giant glass of red wine and put a hot pack on my neck.

But these wonderful coworkers of mine didn't judge my slight insanity. Instead they sympathized, helped me fix the mistakes, made me laugh.

And then Saturday? The concert was amazing. I met Yo-Yo Ma (and even got his autograph). I had a wonderful email from a donor thanking me for my hard work. I came home, relaxed and slept for 10 hours straight.

10 hours straight. Two days in a row.

And now I am ready to face the week. And continue to love my job.