Friday, November 20, 2015

Bad Mornings

Yesterday started out as a shit day. I woke up way too early. I didn't feel super awesome. I had to stay at work late and deal with a complicated patron. And to make maters worse, my car wouldn't start. My car with the brand new batter which had just been replaced 4 days earlier wouldn't start. I called Doug, but he had a super busy morning and couldn't come home.

So I did what any normal hormonal pregnant woman would do and burst into tears. And went back inside and hugged my dog...who was totally freaked out by my crying and wouldn't stop licking my face.

I sat and felt sorry for myself for 5 minutes, checked the bus schedule and realized if I didn't get to the bus stop in 4 minutes, I would have to wait another hour. So I ran jogged (as much as a 7 month pregnant woman can) and made it to the bus stop with plenty of time. Add in my crappy morning the fact that then I had to pee (again...pregnancy perk), the woman sitting in front of me smelled like 5 day old oil from a deep fryer, and I got the dreaded "You have used 75% of your data" text- I was only a half hour late to work.

A nice long lunch with some amazing coworkers and a salted caramel hot chocolate definitely gave me a better outlook on the day. Bad mornings don't have to ruin a whole day. Even though it feels that way in the moment!

Plus today is Friday. I'm probably getting a new car over the weekend. So...silver lining!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Maternity Pictures!

So I feel like I have just been spamming you with pictures lately. But when you receive a flash drive with hundreds of gorgeous photos from a ridiculously talented friend, you just want to show them off! And what better place to show off pictures of yourself than on your own blog. Right?

I'll try not to overwhelm you with all of them...though I literally want to post every single picture. But here are some of my favorites!

I know I already showed off a lot of these here, but I love all the pictures she got with Lucy.

Of course wanted to show off our house.

Headed out to Chagrin Falls for a few of these shots- which made for the perfect backdrop!!

One of my favorites. Also one that made the Christmas card.
So that's all for my post today. But I'm just too excited to not share these!!

Once again- all photos courtesy of Krysten Leighty. Seriously- check her out! Amazing.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Adopting Our Lucy Dog

So I've been seeing random ads about this weekend being National Pet Adoption weekend, which I think is really just a PetSmart advertising thing. But I'm not going to argue with it. Because adopting Lucy was one of the best decisions we have ever made.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that our lives changed that whirlwind weekend where within 4 days we filled out an application to adopt a dog, visited her at her foster family, had her come to our house to visit, and never said goodbye.

It hasn't always been easy. It took a long time for her to warm up to Doug. Long enough that I thought we might not be able to keep her. She has had her run-ins with other dogs. She is still super nervous around men, especially men she doesn't know. And her constant need to eat EVERYTHING on the counters? Yeah, that's been annoying.

But we have been slowly working through those issues. She is now a daddy's girl through and through, though she still loves her snuggle time with me. While she still doesn't love other dogs, we have easily been able to work around that and tend to just keep her away to eliminate stress on us and others. She still barks when people come over, but if we take her outside to greet them first- she does exponentially better when they are inside the house. And she does so much better with our family and friends now, especially my nieces. As for the trash can and counters....a bungee cord and making sure we leave NOTHING out has solved that problem.

If we go out for an evening, we're always excited to come home because she is there waiting for us.

Even though it's not easy to do it every morning, my daily walks with her are one of my favorite parts of the days.

Her whining, while high pitched and never ending, is equally hilarious and adorable.

Treats and snoozing are her favorite things.

"Fetch" means we throw the stick once and she then plays keep away with it.

Giving kisses is one of her favorite things to do.

We love you Lucy Loo and are so happy we adopted you!

All photos courtesy of the ridiculously talented Krysten Leighty. And a look at the Lucy side of our maternity pictures - more coming soon!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's Friday.  It's been a long and interesting week. And I'm more than ready for this weekend.

I've been majorly slacking on posts lately, but there have been some awesome things happening...hence this edition of Friday Favorites!

A couple of weeks ago, Doug and I went to the wedding of an old coworker of mine. I always love getting together with these ladies, especially to celebrate! While it may have been more fun with a few drinks (my dance moves tend to stay hidden until well boozed up), it was a great evening celebrating two wonderful people!

The day after the wedding, one of my roommates and good friends from college came into town to take some maternity pictures for us. She is an insanely talented photographer (any Pittsburgh friends- and probably Columbus too- look her up if you need a photographer!!, and it was so much fun to not only have her take our pictures, but to also catch up. We've been friends for 10 years (Whaaa! Freshman year of college!) Anyway...she has sent us a few sneak peaks. And seriously- she's just so damn good.

I can't WAIT to see the rest!!!

That same weekend, I also went to to an antique mall with another friend to find a dresser for the nursery. With plans to paint it anyway, I was just looking for good bones. And for $40, found exactly what I was looking for!

A coat of paint and some new hardware- it will be perfect!
Not to mention- it is rock solid.
Let's also talk about how this fall is killing it this year. The leaves have been absolutely unreal! I find myself getting distracted while I'm driving with all the vibrant and gorgeous colors.

Oh and one last favorite for the week- I finally caved and got one of the NuMe wands that everyone talks about. Thanks to huge discounts (that some blogger or another always has)- it was reasonably priced. And holy shit, do I love it. It gives me amazing curls...that somehow seem to last all day! As an added bonus, I've only burned myself once. 

Have a fabulous weekend and Happy Halloween everyone!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Crazy Moments

Pregnancy makes you hormonal. Which means random shit will make you cry or get mad or upset. I feel like I've avoided the worst of the crazy-pants pregnancy hormones, but they will still catch me at random times.

Like this morning when I was talking Lucy and burst into tears because I was thinking about when our child would be able to walk Lucy. But then realized that they probably never would be able to because she's too strong for a little kid and by the time they are old enough, she probably will have passed away. I was walking down my street crying while she was obliviously peeing in leaf piles and sniffing everything. Hormones.

An outtake from our maternity pictures....she can flyyyy!

Or like the time when I was trying to fall asleep and JUST as I was able to drift off, Doug started talking to himself and woke me up. Twice. The first time, I was annoyed. The second time, I legitimately punched him, he told me to calm down (which he swears he didn't do- at least in a coherent state) and then I started crying when he was snoring 30 seconds later and I couldn't fall back asleep.

Or you know....any time I think about sending my child to daycare. 

As I said, thankfully these crazy moments have been kept to a minimum. And pretty regularly they revolve around me not being able to sleep.

This is a pretty accurate description of me trying to get comfortable at night. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Pregnancy is Terrifying

Pregnancy is weird. And pregnancy is scary.

I know, not exactly profound statements. But as a first time expectant mother, no matter how many times other people have told me things- until I have experienced them myself- they really don't mean anything.

The fact that everything I do now impacts another person. And not just in a "oh hey- what I do is annoying" way. But in a "oh hey- what I do literally affects the life of another tiny person." And that's a big deal. What I eat, how much I sleep, if I manage to exercise. That all impacts the life of another. The life of that little person growing INSIDE OF ME.
With tiny little fingers and toes!
I'm 25 weeks pregnant. And I really started feeling the baby move around and kick in the last couple of weeks. A few days ago, the baby seemed unnaturally quiet. None of my normal tricks would work to get that little nugget to move. And with crazy pregnancy hormones, I of course overreacted and burst into tears and spent a solid 24 hours freaking out. For no reason. Baby is back to it's normal acrobatics in there, head butting me in the bladder and fighting against real pants and seats belts.

I consider myself to be a reasonably calm and reasonable person. Yet I am still constantly terrified that I am doing something to hurt the baby. That 24 hours of panic over the baby not moving very much ( was still moving- I just didn't think enough...) is not the only time I have felt freaked out over nothing. I somehow convince myself that every little tweak and ache and pain is something horribly wrong.

This baby of mine always seems to know when I need a little reassurance though and will spend 5 minutes just kicking me, as if to say "Mom. Calm down."

The whole concept of life completely changing from this point forward is one I've been warned about 100s of times. People say to enjoy the time before the baby because it will all change once they are born. But guess what. It all changed the day I took that positive pregnancy test. Change definitely isn't bad....but man, is it scary. 

I fully understand this post was complete word vomit. But it's basically a pretty accurate description of what happens inside my head on a daily basis. So thanks for sticking with me to the end!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Three years ago today, I spent the morning with some of my favorite ladies in the world getting our hair and makeup done. We sipped mimosas and danced to the 90s Pandora Station.

And then we headed to a beautiful winery to meet my soon to be husband. The weather was perfect. The leaves were changing. And the minute I saw that man, I was just oh so happy.

Three years ago, we said I do. The whole love and honor and cherish you forever and ever. And three years later, as we prepare to take that next step into parenthood together- I couldn't be any happier to have this man by my side.

Almost 10 years together and 3 years of marriage. He can still make my laugh like he did in college. He knows exactly what to say when I'm in a bad mood. He always takes care of me, but especially in these last few months of pregnancy.

Doug face- I love you. I've loved our life together so far. Buying a house. Adopting Lucy. Growing together as a couple and as friends. I'm so excited to see what our life has in store for us...and I'm beyond excited to see you as a dad to this little nugget of ours.